Warabimochi inspired treats...

Unlike mochi made from glutinous rice, this Japanese confectionary is traditionally made using 'warabi' or bracken starch.

On top of that stretchy, chewy bite that all mochi-lovers seek, warabimochi is balanced with a delicate lightness in its jelly-like texture.

Thank you for bringin Spuds to life! Can you guess what else we’re bringin to you?
Happy New Year 🥳 We can’t wait to bring you more fun and delight with our new sweet treats in 2022. Wishin everyone love and laughter in the new year!

🎨: @yellowabc23
Ho ho ho, it’s Christmas day! Spuds & Soda would like to thank each and every one of you our mochi fam for your kindest support- we wouldn’t have made it this far without your love and enthusiasm for all things mochi!

Note that we’d be taking a break from orders next week- cyou in 2022 & fun-filled spudstastic Christmas!

🎨 by the brilliant @yellowabc23

...handmade for the adventurous, sweet-toother!

We fell so in love with this delectable, refreshing treat that we've made it our creative mission to avail it in a variety of forms and flavours beyond what's conventional for more palates to enjoy.

So go ahead and try one for yourself- they're unlike any other you'd ever get your hands on in SG, we promise!

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