Warabimochi inspired treats...

Unlike mochi made from glutinous rice that most are familiar with, this Japanese confectionary is traditionally made using 'warabi' or bracken starch.

On top of that stretchy, chewy bite that all mochi-lovers seek, warabimochi is balanced with a delicate lightness in its almost jelly-like texture.

Celebrate and bask in the festive flavours of the holidays with our new Jolly Gift Bundle, created in collaboration with @oromagelato!

Our limited edition Jolly Gift Bundle, $60 (U.P $78), consists of:

8pcs x Cranberry Warabimochi
8pcs x Apple Warabimochi
1x Peppermint Chocolate sorbet
1x Spiced Apple Chai gelato
1x Glass set
1x Oroma Scoop
1x X'mas Greeting Card 

As always, our warabimochi is made vegan-friendly for all to share. You will be glad to know the gelato is dairy-free too!

Droppin on our web store tonight at 6pm. Spread the joy and order from link in bio. Whilst stocks last!
Handcrafted, tea-infused, creamy goodness. We couldn’t stop at one pint. Are you ready for some gelato fun?

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...handmade for the adventurous, sweet-toother!

We fell so in love with this delectable, refreshing treat that we've made it our creative mission to avail it in a variety of forms and flavours beyond what's conventional for more palates to enjoy.

So go ahead and try one for yourself- they're unlike any other you'd ever get your hands on in SG, we promise!

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